SayDate Podcast

When I am on the road in my car, I like to Listen to podcasts. Meanwhile I subscribed quite a lot of podcasts from different topics.

When I don't have the time to listen to the podcasts for some days, a certain number of new episodes accumulate. Sometimes I am not able to listen to the episodes 1 or 2 months after they have been published.

Only a few postcaster mention the recording or publishing date of the episodes. And I didn't want to look at the publishing dates in the podcatcher app, when I wanted to know how much I had to catch up (especially not while driving).

This is when I had the idea to create an own podcast, which just tells me the publishing date every day.

Then I subscribed my podcast in the podcatcher-app of my choice (smartphone app) and configured the app to play all episodes of all podcasts in the order of the publishing date.

Any time when the date changes, my podcatcher tells me the date.

I created the audio files (mp3) with the default tts-enginge of windows 10.

Here an example of an episode: download todays episode

Here is the link to the podcast: